Work With Me

Create an Extraordinary Life with Extraordinary Love

I help people do extraordinary things – with extraordinary love.

My clients come from all different backgrounds and kinds of experiences – men and women of all ages and races, college students to college professors, parents to community leaders, therapists to spiritual leaders, life partners to those looking for their soul mate to others trying to recover from heartbreak, life coaches to college athletic coaches, doctors to lawyers, visual artists to writers, corporate execs to musicians.

Some of the people I get to work with are already world-class; the best of the best at what they do.

Other of my clients know in their bones that world class is who they are meant to be, and they are committed to creating something extraordinary that makes it known to the rest of the world as well.

What they all have in common is a knowing that there is something MORE that they have yet to do, experience, know, and become.

“Have you heard the saying, ‘You are the average of the five people you are most often surrounded with?’ This is why I have Leah on my team. She raises the quality of my life in all the categories I care about most – relationships, motherhood, career, mental and physical health and fitness, finances, intellectual life, spirituality, creativity. I am absolutely a better person because of Leah’s coaching, though I know she would say I’ve just learned ways to finally be more me. Whatever it is, it feels like freedom, it feels like home.” -very happy client in California

I don’t know everything about my clients’ particular fields or lives before we begin, but I pride myself on how swiftly and deeply I am able to understand the overall structure as well as the nuances of anyone (and their psychology) who I’m coaching and of any situation they bring to coaching.

One thing I know for sure is that everyone has an “in” — and that I can and will – and always do – find it.

“Leah is brilliant, professional, discrete and also highly intuitive, creative and loving. It’s a rare individual who is able to blend these qualities in a lifetime, much less into the way they do their work. But she does it naturally and this combination of qualities is one of the reasons she has my confidence and has been able to help me so tremendously. I trust her completely.” -Client, Midwest

That “in” is what is going to allow me to guide you to create exactly what you’ve been looking for and wanted for so long – and likely also what you’ve long needed, even though you might not know that until you discover it.

That “in” is how I’m able to guide you, the client, to a state of being in which you can hear your own inner voice, receive the counsel of your own deepest wisdom, and connect to your own highest intentions for yourself. From there, I help you to align your thoughts, language, emotions, actions, and ultimately, results, with that direction you received from your true self.

My clients report not only feeling better (and that is after just one call) but they also report results ranging from making more money, paying off debt (staying out of debt), losing weight, naturally maintaining a healthier lifestyle and fitness level, increased emotional resilience, improved relationships, feeling like a “better, more loving human being,” enhanced performance in their career, heightened creativity, less struggle and anxiety around big issues but also the day to day, and greater confidence.

It’s uncanny the number of times I hear clients say, “It’s amazing – it feels like magic.” The coaching is an art and a science and, for me, a great act of love, but they’re also right about the magic. It’s the magic that’s been within them the whole time. The magic of discovering who ynings for clients beginning in June. The basic structure of the coaching arrangement is laid out below. If you’d like to learn more about working with me exclusively, please email me with your biggest dream and your biggest challenge at I’ll read through it and email you with a times/dates to connect for a free, initial consultation.

“As a result of the work I did with Leah – both ways she strategized with me on my business and also from her laser-like coaching that completely remodeled my mindset- I made back the cost of the coaching even before our six months was up. And I have every reason to expect this increased trend in income will continue. But the money is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what coaching has done for me. It sounds too good to be true, but it is. Everything in my life is better because I know have such a better understanding of who I am and how to be the creator of my life rather than so often in reactive mode. Leah taught me how to manage, with wisdom and love, my own thoughts and emotions. It’s been amazing.” -entrepreneur

During that consultation, which is essentially a laser coaching session, I can promise there will be no pressure sales pitch (not my style!). I’d prefer to give you the greatest value I can in that twenty minutes (people are always amazed at what we can do in just twenty minutes) and if you like that and want more (and why wouldn’t you!;), you can let me know then or after our call if you’d like to continue.

“A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today.” – Karen Lamb

Finally, I realize that personal coaching is a significant investment that not everyone is ready to make (yet!). Also, as there is only one of me, I’ve been wanting to find a way to offer something highly valuable to people who are ready to do the work but who I just can’t immediately accommodate.

What I’ve created is something that I’ve been dreaming of for the last 15 years – a RENASCENCE community! My vision is that this subscription based community will make world class, life changing coaching and a transformative, uplifting community experience available to more people at a very easy price point.

I will release more details soon, but the service begins in September and includes a monthly newsletter designed to inspire, support and empower you in your evolution, a 90 minute monthly group coaching call (I will answer all questions submitted and will be able to coach members live on the call), a private Facebook group where you can create community and on which I’ll be hosting office hours if you want questions answered live, and an audio/video each month that will be relevant to the topic at hand (the video might be a yoga or meditation class, an interview with a fascinating guest, another creative, instructional video, etc., but all will be designed to complement that month’s topic).

The theme for September will be Awakening the Inner Genius and the discussion will include a range of the latest scientific research on genius, a curated survey into what spiritual and wisdom traditions have to say on the topic, a study of a collection of individuals who live from a place of awakened genius.

Most importantly, however, I want this experience to be very relevant to your individual experience and to help you achieve results you’ve only dreamt of before now. In keeping with that spirit, this will not be a canned product, but it will involve a lot of creativity on my part to stay attuned to the energy of the individuals who join and to craft something that is not just one more thing you listen to and forget about and go on, same old, same old. My intention is that this will truly be life changing for everyone who shows up and is ready to do the work.

If this sounds like what you’ve been waiting for, sign up for my newsletter and check your inbox soon to receive a newsletter with registration details. I would love to have you join us!

Thank you so much for being here! I’m wishing you all my best to your best year yet!


If you are interested in working with me privately, beginning September 18 I will have room for 2-4 new clients (depending on the option you choose). Please email me at leah(at)leach(dot)com if you are interested in setting up a consultation or to secure your place. Private coaching rates are as follows:

#1: 3 months, 12 sessions, unlimited email coaching

#2: 6 months, 24 sessions, unlimited email coaching and support

#3: 1 year of coaching, 48 sessions, unlimited email coaching

#4: 12 Single Sessions (to be used within the year)