Below are kind words from a few of my clients.  

Here is a letter I received from a client…

Leah,I have so much enjoyed my summer of writing and working with you. Although the time has felt too brief, I know it’s impact will be lasting, and that I will forever be grateful for your pivotal influence in my work.Without question, in four very short months, I have grown as a person and as a writer.  Even the reference to myself as a writer, without inhibition, is an amazing fast-forward to where I was just a few months ago.  Your graceful presence during our calls, and non-threatening way of prodding deeper, has helped me uncover my creative spirit in a way in which one might re-aquatint with a childhood friend.  I revel in the amazement of what has unfolded beautifully, unexpectedly, and naturally.I recall one of our first conversations, when you were trying to get me to verbalize my belief in spirit without directly asking the question.  I was growing frustrated in the obvious lack of connection in your ask and in my response.  Yet my twenty plus years of Corporate America conditioned thinking couldn’t get past the surface to the subtle.  I struggled to move from the concrete to the spiritual.  You kept patiently reframing the question in a non-direct manner, awaiting for my synapsis to connect.  You knew they would eventually.  You were not attached to the outcome.  You were committed to the process.  Finally you asked the question in a way that pulled me out of my head and into my heart.  You framed the question to be about my boys, knowing that when I speak as a mother, I speak my truth.  It worked.  Looking back, I think about the genius in that first session.  How you instinctively knew in order to maximize our work, we would need to go deep.  How you knew it’s impact would be greater if discovered by me than spelled out by you.  How with grace and wisdom you orchestrated that awakening to me unknowingly and early on.Thank you for so openly sharing your creativity, beauty, wisdom and heart. Thank you for fostering a safe place for me to discover another piece of me in the process of our work.  To my surprise, I kinda like the person I found, and may just keep her around for awhile.  🙂
-corporate exec, writer, mother

I met Leah through a continuing education class for coaches.  She was one of a dozen women whom I met with via phone once a week and communicated with daily over email for three months.  Initially, I thought of Leah as just a fellow coach looking to build her skills and her practice who also happened to be a talented painter.  Sometime over the course of that 12-week course, however, I noticed that Leah often had stunningly poignant insights on the issue we were discussing with the group.  She said and wrote things that made my ears perk up or my mind do a backflip or the hair on my arms stand up.  I started wanting to hear more from her…

Somewhere along the way, I also discovered that she was a lawyer, although no longer practicing as I hoped to be one day.  Still later, I realized that she was not only a painter but also a writer, as I hoped to be one day too.  How had I missed this information for the past 10 weeks?  I couldn’t have imagined such a perfect mentor but luckily Life did and I asked to work with her.  The next 12 weeks working with Leah directly followed a similar pattern:  I started to notice things that had been right in front of my eyes that I hadn’t seen before; things about my past, my work, my loves, my writing — mostly about myself.  I often came away after speaking with her or after reading one of her tremendously generous emails asking myself:  “How did I not see that until just now?”

I have worked with many coaches, taken dozens of classes, read hundreds of books and listened to thousands of hours of audio and I’ve learned something from most of them.  My experience with Leah was entirely different.  Working with Leah doesn’t feel like learning. It feels like knowing.  It is the experience of seeing something and, having seen, no longer being able to look in the old way now that it has revealed itself to you.  And just to be clear, I am not talking about the typical “Ah ha” moment that everyone is so fond of and that I’ve had plenty of myself.  Leah’s work goes much, much deeper.

It’s as if while I was myopically groping in the dark corners of a cave, Leah was quietly tending the fire and painting a picture on the wall  —  a picture that Life has been wanting me to see for a long, long time.  This is not to imply that Leah is afraid of dark corners.  Just the opposite. She told me at the outset of our work together that the very reason she was here was so that I could “dig with both hands” while she held the lantern.  That’s also what it feels like to work with Leah — like someone at a kitchen table in a place you’ve never been is keeping a light on, steadily holding that lantern.  I still have this sense with me today and I doubt it will ever leave.

Sometimes I have to give it to Life for a hand well-played.  Of course the “coach” I always needed was a visual artist.   How else could I have seen?  Who else could have helped me draw the map or flesh out the picture of what Life and my own heart wanted me to know?





Surrounding me

In me

Of me


These things can’t be taught.  They can only be seen and thereby known.  For that, you need far more than a coach.  You need a very great artist.  I am blessed beyond words to have known such a one in Leah.

-lawyer, coach, writer, mother, East Coast

One of Leah’s many innate gifts centers around her ability to see deep into the soul, deep into the core of the person, and to offer her unwavering compassion.
corporate exec, NYC 

Here is what one of the “graduates” of my Soul Genius Program had to say.  You’ll see at the end that she mentions “athletes.”  This is because one of the participants remarked that they were like a team of soul athletes – becoming increasingly graceful, agile, and strong in their ability to live soulfully!  I love that – soul athletes – and think we’ll be using it for a long time to come.

Leah is life changing!  When I finally had the chance to use a life coach, I was so excited about Leah, as I knew her calming spirit and gentle guidance would be the exact combination I would need.  Leah has helped me find a peace I never knew existed.  She never told me what to do, but she helped me learn how to slow down and listen.  In the past, I have always labeled myself as a worry wart, and very un-creative.  After meeting with Leah, she “woke-up” my right brain, and helped me learn how to throw away the labels I had for myself and learn to live in the here and now.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn with Leah.  She is a coach that truly loves and inspires her students/athletes to be greater.
– mother of 2, business professional, soul athlete

 Leah is soft-spoken, gentle, and calm…but don’t let that fool you!  She is one incredibly tough (in the best way!) coach!  She is wise beyond her years, crazy perceptive, and truly compassionate.  You will be amazed by how good she is!  I highly recommend hiring Leah as your coach.
mother, business owner

 You are a ROCKSTAR!  Thank you!!!
mother, professional

 Leah has incredibly wonderful energy – people love to be around her and want what she has.  She is calming and genuinely loving.  Her smarts, skills, experiences, and intuition also make her an amazing coach.  I will forever be grateful to her.

mother, artist, entrepreneur

 I have done all different kinds of therapy with varying degrees of results.  Leah has broken through barriers in one session that I have been working on in therapy for years.
mother, professional

And from another Soul Athlete…

When I first started my coaching calls with Leah I did not know what to expect. Our first conversation was, in a word, magical. I felt a great sense of peace in my heart during and for many days after our talk. Leah has a soothing voice that instantly makes me feel calm and centered. Our talks have helped me to remember my true essence and I find myself applying many of the tips she has shared. Leah is truly a soul whisperer who stands firmly in love for all who cross her path. Namaste!

  -college professor, painter, soul athlete


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