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If you want to become a member of the Renascence Co. community (we have exceptionally stellar members!), it’s easy and it’s free!  Just enter your email in the email box on the right sidebar (scroll down a bit) and you’ll be on the list to receive updates about fresh writing;  awesome, carefully-selected resources that I think this community would love; new products and offerings (books, e-books, apps, retreats,classes, workshops, coaching programs); art shows, new original paintings and art sales; and other amazingness that I think would be helpful for you to live, full-out, “your one wild and precious life.”

I am not a fan of all the white noise and regurgitated information that seems to be an inevitable pollutant of  the information superhighway (awesome as it is), so rest assured that I value your peace of mind and the desire for a clean, simple, streamlined inbox…and life!  I will only send you information if I deeply believe it really is a valuable contribution of intellectual and soulful substance.

Also, I’m currently offering a free copy of one of my Soul Genius coaching audios, The Art of Intention (the audios are usually only available to clients), for new subscribers.

I’d also love it if you want to connect on Twitter (@leahrenascence) and Facebook (look for Renascence and a b&w headshot of me!).  I was reluctant to hop on the social media train because of my aforementioned aversion to white noise and a needlessly fast-paced life, but I’m finding ways to make them work for me – such as connecting to great people who resonate with my message and the mission of my company!

You (if you are human, no spam, please!) can also reach me the old fashioned way at: leah (at) leahcb (dot) com

To your one wild and precious life!