Welcome to RENASCENCE CO. Coaching & Creative Collaborations!

RENASCENCE CO. was created to answer the question: “Is there MORE to life?”

I know that answer is “YES!”

THE MORE does exist and through private coaching, corporate consulting, and creative collaborations, I can help you or your organization move not from good to great, but from great into the realm of infinite possibilities.

I specialize in helping individuals to remember who they really are and in evoking their innate creative genius in order to create, with grace, deeply meaningful lives that are fulfilling on all levels (spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, financial, relational…).

I can help you not only imagine what is possible for your life and the planet, but actually move to the more.

My mission: 1,000,000+ Revived and Restored Souls

Thank you for being here.



How to work with me:

Until the end of October 2016 all single sessions are $125/session.  There is no limit on how many sessions you can book, although scheduling is first come, first serve.  If you read about my other coaching offers below, you’ll see this is a substantial (50%) discount from my usual fee for single sessions.  I recently returned to the States after a five month adventure in Europe with my family and I wanted a way to say “thank you” to my existing clients who waited patiently while I was away and also a simplified way to solve scheduling the range of requests I have in queue.  Due to our move to a new (to us!) house in Michigan and to accommodate everyone who has requested a session, I have extended the offer through the end of October.  After October 31, single sessions will still be available but at my standard fee of $250/hour.

Scheduling a Special Session is easy – just click on the button below to book online!

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Private Coaching Sessions:
Private coaching sessions are $250/hour.  If you would like to schedule a session, please visit my online scheduling system or click the button below to view availability and book your session.

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Creative Collaborations:
You+Me+Your Dream Project = Off the Charts Creativity & Profound Creations

Ever feel like you’re doing all the right things and yet still can’t seem to make it come all together in that truly profound and remarkable way, even though you just know you have it in you?  Are you tired of struggling and just want to make some real progress – like yesterday?

This is where I excel – helping people to connect to their true selves and to their genius so that the creativity flows like water – or jet fuel! – and that bringing that big vision to life.

Creative Collaborations can be just you and I or it can be having me come on as a temporary member of your team in order to elicit the best from each member of the team and multiply, exponentially, the creative dynamic and effectiveness of the team as a single organism.

Creative Collaborations includes intense, intuitive, masterful coaching.  Your dream project be ushered in with greater ease and with greater depth and power than you’ve ever experienced – and you and your team will also have an unforgettable, transformational (and FUN!) experience.

Fees are $250/hour plus travel and accommodations (when necessary).  Please email me at leah@leahcb.com if you have a dream project you’d like to discuss.

Extended Coaching Relationships:
If you would like to receive information about the next possible opportunity for an extended, intensive coaching relationship, please sign up for my occasional newsletter and email me (leah@leahcb.com) to be added to the waitlist.

Workshops and Retreats:
I offer a variety of retreats and workshops for individuals, small groups, and also corporations.  Please sign up for my newsletter to receive updates about upcoming events and email me if you are interested in having me facilitate a retreat or workshop for you or your group.


You can see examples of my paintings and get a glimpse into what’s going on in the studio at my online gallery:  www.leahcbart.com

If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality prints, canvases, stationary, and other of my art products, please visit my Society6 shop at:  https://society6.com/leahcb

Art Commissions:
Commissioned pieces are currently $2.80/square inch and 50% of the total is due in order to begin.  You can learn more about my commission process here on my art website.  If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please email me at leah@leahcb.com.



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