“HEY THERE, FABULOUS! WHY NOT YOU?!” An original painting and her story…

tighter shot

Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2015, All Rights Reserved
30″x40″ original, acrylic on canvas

“HEY THERE, FABULOUS!  WHY NOT YOU?!”  is now DONE and I so love how she’s turned out!
This one is dedicated to all you dreamers who are still holding back and maybe still struggling to realize your dreams.
Very much a part of the energy of this painting and its message is something I discovered about myself this last year that blew me away. For all the risks I feel I’ve taken these last years, for all the ways in which I’ve continued to follow my heart and my dreams and my own drum…it became astonishingly clear this last year that I was still holding myself back because I was afraid of being seen for who I really am.Doing this is the equivalent of a spirit blood-loss and, to say the least, was a drag on my “onward and upward” progress, not to mention my happiness.
This last year taught me how much I was still hiding who I really am, what I really love, what I most long to do and be. I was afraid of owning and embracing my passion- afraid, really, of that question I’d have to face “Just who do you think you are?!” And, yes, though I know that amazing‪#‎mariannewilliamson‬ quote by heart…I was not ready to step into owning that, “Who are you not to? You are a child of God!” I got it, I just wasn’t ready…until this last year.
My guiding theme last year was NO WAITING and it became my mantra and my anthem. NO WAITING to be who I dream to be…NO WAITING to be who I already truly am. NO WAITING to be who WE truly are- colorful, vibrant, sexy, playful, brilliant, messy, bold, beautiful, flawed, fabulous…ALIVE.
So, yes…HEY THERE, FABULOUS! WHY NOT YOU?!  Is for YOU and your year of NO WAITING!
NO WAITING to be who you really are, NO WAITING to live fully ALIVE!
Here’s to your boldest, most colorful and beautifully-flawed and yet ever-so-breathtaking self…
…and here is to the life-changing discovery that sometimes all it takes for something to finally happen is for you to decide NO WAITING and step into who you really are and claim the life that is yours.
To celebrate NO WAITING- mine and yours- I’m offering this painting for three days at a special price of $2,700+S&H ((offer ends midnight on Sunday, January 18 and after that the price will be $3,200 + S&H).
Also, if the idea of NO WAITING speaks to you and you are really ready to make this the year when you stop waiting for the magic to happen but are ready to make some massive magic of your own, please go here to read my post about my EPIC coaching program.  EPIC is about remembering who you really are, and, from that place, creating a magic, life-changing year that you will look back on as a major turning point in the course of your life.
To riff from a quote of an incredible, incredible man and teacher, EPIC is all about BECOMING the MAGIC you wish to see in the world.
I’d love to hear from you, so whether you’re interested in this painting (others), a special commission, coaching, or you just want to say hello, please send me an email at leah@leahcb.com and we’ll chat!
Make it a beautiful, magical weekend, friends!
PS-I’ve included some extra photos of HEY THERE, FABULOUS!  below if you’d like to take a closer look.  These are taken with my iPhone, better photos to come after I take her in for her professional photo shoot.
PPS- bonus points if you can spot the woman hidden in plain sight!  I love me a good metaphor! ;)
PPSS- last one, but if you love this painting and her story, I think you’ll REALLY love “SHE RISING!”  Check her out at http://www.leahcb.com/she-rising-an-original-painting-and-her-story/

green added, close up, HEY THERE FABULOUS

With green added, HEY THERE FABULOUS





suns closeup

A little hard to see in this shot, but the etching in the sun reads:
“You shine brighter than a thousand suns…”


EPIC: My latest coaching offering

the long road home“The Road Home”
my own photo

Hello, dear readers!
Some of you are already aware of this, but for those who are not and have been inquiring about coaching, I am very excited to share with you here on the blog my new coaching program for 2015…
“If you bring out that which is within you, it will save you.  If you do not, it will destroy you.”
-The Gnostic Gospels of Thomas
I’m living what I love, pushing the envelope, and creating a deeply fulfilling and wildly beautiful, rare life…and I want the same for you.
It’s my vision to be the best coach in the world for soulful visionaries and people who believe they have the potential to be creative geniuses – and who also want to have thriving relationships, health, and all-around beautifully, fully, honestly lived life.
If this sounds like you, send me an email at leah@leahcb.com and let me know that you are ALL IN in 2015 for my EPIC coaching program, which is all about bringing out that which is within you - in order to save yourself and also be that change you wish to see in the world, for the world.
EPIC is a 12 month engagement and includes highly customized, “haute couture” coaching, 3 weekend retreats where you will have VIP treatment and stunning, beautiful experiences designed to restore and empower you in mind, body, and spirit (these will be utterly amazing, on all levels!), 24 scheduled private sessions, a bank of “I need to talk to someone right now!” calls, unlimited email support, plenty of beautiful, soul-filling surprises along the way and results you’ve only dreamed of…until now.
Investment: $25,000
I currently have two openings for EPIC clients. If you’d like to set up an appointment to discuss whether this is the right program for you, please email me at leah@leahcb.com.

SHE RISING: An Original Painting and Her Story



original acrylic on canvas, 40×40
Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2014, All Rights Reserved

Available: $10,000

This one is for you.
This is a huge painting.  I’ll never do another one like this, I’ll never come this way again.
This painting - it has such a big piece of me in it but also it’s about more than me.  
It began with a disembodied voice that spoke to a single word to me in the middle of Iowa cornfields nowhere and ended up being about the divine feminine and the entire modern feminist movement.  
Over 7 years ago (before I really started painted) I had this incredible, bewildering, and slightly terrifying experience while riding my bike one late afternoon on a lonely stretch of Iowa highway between fields of tall, tall corn.  I hadn’t seen anyone for miles, wouldn’t see anyone for another twenty miles, when suddenly, right above my left shoulder a voice spoke a strong, clear, solitary word:
My head jerked back to see who might have suddenly flown up behind me, but even in that nano-second I took to look, I already knew I wouldn’t see anyone.   My adrenaline had shot through the roof and I was already off like a shot, heart pounding, legs churning.  Neither I – nor the pounding in my heart – slowed down for the next twenty miles.
Fast forward several years and I began this painting, not knowing it would be about that moment, but somehow that came to be…as well as many other crazy, remarkable symbols and movements and messages until, ultimately, this painting came to be about God, the divine feminine, and the entire modern feminist uprising.
This painting has all these crazy, wild, and gorgeous symbols in her and around her that I had no idea at all that I was painting and I had no inkling what they meant (wings, suns, feathers of the Phoenix, Metatron’s cube, hummingbirds, words, churches, and more…)–  until the painting, and my own journey, moved further along and it all started to come together.   In various ways I was able to learn about the symbolism, stand back, and take a look at the painting and it’s story as a whole and when I did… WHOA.
I didn’t know these things (or didn’t know that I knew these things – I never learned about them) and I could not have made them up.  I could never have intentionally designed this painting, no more than I could have plotted or planned everything that has happened the last several years and yet.  I had no idea, those seven plus years ago, what that message “SHE” meant.  All I knew, down to my core, was that it was incredibly significant.  And now, amazingly, it all comes together and it all does come full circle back to that summer afternoon on my bike.
SHE is all women everywhere.  SHE RISING is about the powerful phenomenon that’s happening at this moment in time; it’s about what women everywhere are doing — who we really are and what we’re really about.
And woven into the creation and, ultimately, the message of this painting is the critical, vital need for “radical truth-telling” in our lives.
Radical truth-telling in the sense that we no longer ignore those tugs at our heart, those whispers of our soul that rise up through our dreams and even wind their way into our waking hours, or those little voices that whisper to us.  All of these messages and signs we get that, signs that persist, gently, but refuse to go away, no matter how much we try to talk ourselves out of them, calling them “unrealistic” or and explain them away, telling ourselves they we just “imagined it” or “made it up.”  All of these ways that something is trying to get our attention, asking us to stop and remember who we really are.  
This painting is about radical truth-telling in the sense that we stop pretending we don’t know who we really are and what we’re really about.  Radical truth-telling in the sense that we stop playing so small and stop waiting until “someday when…” to allow ourselves to be who we really are and do what is ours to do.
This radical truth-telling is, also then, about not hiding who we really are – any part of who we really are – but owning and embracing all of ourselves.
Owning what we feel called to do, create, and contribute.  Owning our gifts, our weaknesses, our triumphs, our trials, our “weirdness,” our simple natures… owning our passion and then really standing in it, giving it a voice and body, and then dancing and singing it, full heart and full voice - like we mean it! 
Radical truth-telling is owning, again and again, who we really are and walking with that naked, courageous vulnerability out into the light of day with our head held high, shoulders thrown back, heart forward, wings spread…to rise.
I wrestled for awhile with whether or not to offer this painting for sale.  I prayed, I meditated, I walked (I walked a lot), and I listened.
What I heard was that SHE RISING is about my own journey… and SHE is also about and for so, so many other women.
SHE RISING stands for the journey of all women who are trying to find their way back to themselves and to the divine that is within all of us, and then to come from that deep, true, profound root and rise into the fullness of who we really are.
SHE RISING is about women who are tired of waiting until that “someday” (which we know never comes unless you declare today to be the day!) to come into their gifts, their power, their voices… and then to rise up, use their voices, and share their gifts with the world.
The story and message of SHE RISING is that this force and energy of SHE RISING is absolutely, deeply, and  necessary for the healing, restoration, growth, health, and thriving of the world and its people–
and that the time is now,
and that SHE is you.  
And while this is the story and message of this painting-  SHE RISING doesn’t just stand for something.  This painting has been in my home for a couple years, in various stages of completion, and I can tell you (and so can family members and guests in my home) that SHE absolutely has her own incredible presence and magic.  There there is an intrinsic and powerful healing, life-giving, strengthening, nourishing, sacred, guardian energy to her.
Even as I write these words, I know I am not even beginning to touch the magic it might have for you.
I offer this painting with love and a full heart.

P.S. Below are a few of her close-ups.  Please send inquiries directly to me at leah@leahcb.com .











Untrained Mind, Beautiful Mind: Running as a Spiritual Practice (with free coaching audio!)


There are so many beautiful things to discover (both in the world and within yourself) through running.  Here’s a shot from one of my recent runs around the lakes on Notre Dame’s campus.  
Hello Beautiful People!
Today’s installment in the Untrained Mind, Beautiful Mind is a bit different.  
A dear friend recently was telling me about how she wants to like running but isn’t sure how to make that happen.  I also hear from people all the time about how they wished they loved to work out like I do, because if they did, then they would do it regularly.  
Whenever I hear this, it makes ME wish I could spend a week walking (or running) this person through their workouts.  I wouldn’t teach them running techniques, but I would teach them how to train their mind to love to exercise – because this is the way it should be.  Our bodies are MEANT for movement, they are designed to move and they truly do love even the hard work.
So, what I really want you to know is that  learning to love to work out is completely possible, realistic, AND it just might be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can become someone who loves to workout every single day, and thus become someone to whom all the immediate and long-lasting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of exercise comes naturally – with ease and strength, rather than emotional struggle and suffering.  
I really, truly do love to work out – most days – but it isn’t an accident.  There was a time when I absolutely dreaded hard workouts (running included) and I still occasionally have my days when I dread it as much as the next person.  
But I now look at these “dread” days as flukes, hiccups, and not who I really am.  What I’ve taught myself is how to coach myself – mind, body, and spirit- into a place of loving it so that I am able to do the difficult physical work without the mental strife and emotional exhaustion.  I’ve coached myself into the belief that I am a soul athlete and that exercise not only feels great but does incredible things for my mind, body, and spirit.  I’ve coached myself into being a “natural athlete.”  
And I know, beyond a doubt, that being a soul athlete and a natural athlete is possible for you as well.  Not only can you get your body into the best possible shape of your life, but you can get your mind into badass, elite warrior/athlete shape as well so that it can do the work of your soul.  
Today’s post is just the beginning of an answer to these things (bear with me as I’ve never tried to train anyone who isn’t actually right with me at the moment!).  Again, I am absolutely, 100% positive that if I could move in with you and do all your workouts with you, coach you (meaning YOUR MIND) through them step-by-step, that we could make some big leaps in getting you to love working out as well.  I hope this audio will give you some of those same ideas and tools.  
So, please help yourself to the  35 minute coaching audio below.  Again, this is for those of you who want to want to run, those who are already running but don’t really enjoy it, or those of you who already love to run but want to pick up some ideas on how to break a PR or how to use running as a way of training your mind.  
I believe anything can be a spiritual practice and a spiritual training ground – and running is no exception!  Running, in fact, is an excellent place to practice training your mind to become a stronger, healthier, more clear channel for your soul, because, if you’re running hard enough, it will bring up absolutely everything that’s been holding you back…so that it can be released.  Pretty soon, you’ll be running so strong and steady that that negative thinking won’t be able to keep up with you. ;)
If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!  You can email me at leah@leahcb.com or post a comment to my Facebook page.  
Here’s to you, my friends – may you get your dreams off and running! 

The Untrained Mind, The Beautiful Mind: All IS WELL with your heart


“Live Outside the Lines”
latest in my Milagros mini-paintings series
available for sale here


Hello, Dear Readers-

I have written and rewritten probably five different posts for today.  None of them were bad, any one of them would’ve done, but, to tell you the truth, I feel like I am on some kind of cusp – not just with this blog, but with my creative work in general- and what I really want is to give into whatever’s wanting to happen and to go over that edge, take that leap.

I’ve had some ideas of what moving beyond the cusp means for other areas of my life (coaching, poetry, art), but frankly I thought I’ve been stymied as to what that would look like in the context of my blog.

The truth is, I think I’ve known exactly what it looks like for my blog, but I just haven’t wanted to go there…

Tonight, though,I had a little intuitive hit, just a twinge, as I was writing an email to a friend about something that happened to me this weekend and the intuition was that I should just share that story here – without trying to edit it to make it pretty for the blog and without trying to explain everything.  In my heart that’s how I know I want the writing on this blog to be – heart to heart.

Heart to heart.  Like writing a letter or an email to a dear friend.  Heart to heart is how I work best, that’s how I live best, but I think I’ve been reluctant to “go there” because a blog is such a public space and it’s also my “professional” space.  Some of my neighbors and people who actually see me and know me read this, for pete’s sake!  (You know who you are. ;) )  And while I’m glad they read (kinda), and I’m glad YOU read, oh lovely anonymous reader who I don’t have to run into at church or at the grocery store or at school pick-up, whose judgment remains at a safe distance…there is still big parts of me that hold back here because while I love to work heart to heart with clients who I’ve already met, be that way with friends and family, the blog is just different.  In a scary, exposed, naked way.

But I also feel like the other way – the self-conscious way in which I’m very aware that this is public and that people who don’t know me well will read it and make judgments- is so awkward and not really me.  And, more and more, I just have less and less tolerance for doing things that aren’t really me.  I don’t want to be always just toeing up to that cusp, wondering what it’d be like to go over.  I don’t want to be so stiff and formal.  I just want to dance right over the edge.  I want to go all in.

So, it’s a wild experiment, we’ll see how it goes, but it feels better already…

This little story ties into my series about Untrained Mind, Beautiful Mind so well because to get to the place where I could hear this message I had to really quiet my mind, tune in and listen in a very different way than what we are accustomed to do – and in a way that I was never taught but just came upon (first years ago in all that free and private, quiet time outdoors on our family farm) but have worked to cultivate more intentionally as an adult.

The Untrained Mind believes it is the source of all wisdom and beauty.  And it won’t be quiet long enough to ever experience REAL wisdom and beauty, but just talks about how it thinks it already has it all day long.

The Beautiful Mind knows better AND it knows how and when to shut up and listen.

Anyway, that’s what this little story I was writing to my friend is about…being still and

“So, I was laying on the floor yesterday when the whole house was quiet and just breathing, meditating, praying, and asking for guidance and help.  Asking my soul, asking God, asking my angels.   And not long after what came to me first was:
All is well.
What came next was:
All IS WELL with your heart.
I can’t quite convey the shift that happened inside while I took that in.  The words themselves don’t come close to doing justice to the powerful energy conveyed.  I felt like my heart broke and cracked open a few times (in a good way), it felt like a few layers of armor dropped away…it felt so, so good –  like a literal healing, like a miracle – that it made me realize how clamped up my heart has been, I have been – how protective and how defensive…and it showed me what freedom and trust and “all is well” truly, deeply feels like.  And it completely arrested me when I realized that this is what is possible every day.  
You know this isn’t the first time I have “heard/not heard” something in the way these things come – not audible but still in words but also energetic.  But nothing with quite the physical rearranging of my insides has happened since a few years ago in a dream that I will never forget because it was a dream that was actually an experience that changed my life…”

So there it is my friends.  Train your mind so it can get out of the way and all manner of good things can rush in and help heal your heart.

Goodnight and thanks for reading (even if I do know you in real life)!



Kind words about a commission & Small Business Saturday Sale continues today!

IMG_7997a close-up of my latest painting


Hello bright and shiny people!
It’s been a beautiful one here in South Bend – temps rising (into the forties, anyway), and my day started with a family snuggle-pile in bed, then I got to take a 90 minute yoga class (challenging bliss is one of my favorite kinds), followed that by a trip to the Farmer’s Market to buy wreaths and some gorgeous little succulent ornaments from my favorite farmers there.
After that I came home to see an email with this super-kind testimonial a customer and friend sent about my most recently completed painting (you can see more photos here)- a piece he commissioned and then surprised his wife with as a way of commemorating and celebrating a very significant event in their lives:
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Could not be more happy with your painting, it was even better than expected.  The pictures posted online don’t come close to doing it justice.  The painting will be used to forever remember an important but altogether happy moment in our lives.
-friend and extremely happy customer 
So, needless to say, I’ve had an extremely good start to my day!  How about you – what’s on tap for your Saturday?
If it includes any shopping of Small Business Saturday, I wanted to let you know that my offer for discounted gift certificates for commissions continues today.  I’m offering 15% off gift certificates for original commissions and if you’re interested, you can read more about that in yesterday’s post.  Also, please feel free to email me (leah@leahcb.com) for more information or to place your order (I can then send you an invoice you via PayPal).
And remember…
IMG_7994Love always wins.
So whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope you put your whole heart into it! 
Gratefully yours, 

“Fill Life with Beauty” : And a special Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Sale!


FillLifeWithBeauty angel, jpeg, Sept 13, 2013 copy

“Fill Life With Beauty”
Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2013
original sold, but print and canvas reproductions available through my Society6 shop

One of my core mantras and life purposes is this:

Fill Life With Beauty

- me ;)

I love that this season of love, joy, peace, light, and miracles provides us with so many opportunities to do just this – to be the carriers of beauty to the world.
Every breath is a new opportunity to do just this- with a thought, a calling back of your spirit to the present moment, a smile to someone who needs your warmth and brightness, more tenderness and gentleness and more beauty than is “required” – but that, I believe, all our hearts are silently calling for.
I love to think that we can call our spirits back from the tendency toward the frenetic and stressed energy of the season and instead anchor ourselves in silent depths and peace of the season with intention that, with the giving we choose to do, we can do it from a this place of peace, abundance and a desire to fill the life of the other with beauty, love, and a special, sacred even, meaning.
In this spirit, I’m having an art sale this Friday and Saturday.  No frenzy, no chaos (no traffic, no lines!)… just lots and lots of good and gentle energy, beauty, and ease.
Here are two ideas I have for how you can give the gift of art this season…
First, if you would love to give the gift of an original, commissioned piece to someone special (or to yourself)…and, pardon my lack of humility here ;), but if you want to knock their socks off (think “BEST GIVE EVER!!!” kind-of-status and reactions)… for this weekend only I’m offering a limited number of gift certificates for 15% off an original commission (on pieces 12×12 up to 48×60 and all sizes and shapes in between, excluding S&H since I don’t really have any say in that, unfortunately!).
You can use a gift certificate to either commission a piece and surprise the recipient with someone created in their honor and inspired by their spirit (and you and I will work to come up with something special for them), or you can give them the gift certificate and then they can play an active part in the creation process.
My current (non-discounted) rate for commissions is $2.15/sq inch and I only work on a few at a time, so if you would like to take me up on this offer and perhaps even get a painting started and in the que, please email me at leah@leahcb.com.
If you’re interested, you can see an example of my latest commissioned piece and learn a little more about my process in this recent post:
Also, if you are looking for a beautiful, high-quality reproduction, my Society6 shop is having a big sale today! $10 OFF $30 | $15 OFF $100 | $30 OFF $150 + FREE Worldwide Shipping Today (Black Friday Only). There are framed and unframed prints, wrapped canvases, phone covers, and beautiful stationary cards. This is such a good offer, I will be stocking up myself for gift-giving and future shows!
Here’s the Society6 link if you’d like to take advantage of this sale:
Please let me know if you are interested in a special commission, a gift certificate, or if you have questions about the Society6 shop.
Even if you aren’t in the market for art this season, I would LOVE to hear about your intentions for filling this season with beauty, warmth, and maybe even a touch of magic!  Please leave a comment below or you can start a conversation on my FB page.
Blessings for a Beautiful Season-

The Untrained Mind, The Beautiful Mind: Wrestling with the Angel

Hello You Beautiful People!
Thank you for being here for this week’s installment in The Untrained Mind, The Beautiful Mind series!
The past few weeks I’ve written about becoming the expert of our negative thinking patterns as well as concept that we are not our thoughts.  Last week I left you by asking you to consider who you are if you are not your thoughts.  
This week I’m coming at these same issues (and a few others) but from a different angle.  
So often much of our suffering is generated by our resistance to difficulty and pain.  And the cause of our suffering is the way we think about difficulty and pain.  
In this post, I wanted to share Ranier Maria Rilke’s “The Man Watching” as a way of offering you a profound alternative to the way we usually think about the struggles in our lives.   
Reading and understanding the messages in this poem have helped open my mind and allowed me to surrender during difficult times and thus be transformed by the gift of the experience – instead of resisting the angel because it came disguised in shadow and pain.
“The Man Watching”
I can tell by the way the trees beat, after
so many dull days, on my worried windowpanes
that a storm is coming,
and I hear the far-off fields say things
I can’t bear without a friend,
I can’t love without a sister
The storm, the shifter of shapes, drives on
across the woods and across time,
and the world looks as if it had no age:
the landscape like a line in the psalm book,
is seriousness and weight and eternity.
What we choose to fight is so tiny!
What fights us is so great!
If only we would let ourselves be dominated
as things do by some immense storm,
we would become strong too, and not need names.
When we win it’s with small things,
and the triumph itself makes us small.
What is extraordinary and eternal
does not want to be bent by us.
I mean the Angel who appeared
to the wrestlers of the Old Testament:
when the wrestler’s sinews
grew long like metal strings,
he felt them under his fingers
like chords of deep music.
Whoever was beaten by this Angel
(who often simply declined the fight)
went away proud and strengthened
and great from that harsh hand,
that kneaded him as if to change his shape.
Winning does not tempt that man.
This is how he grows: by being defeated, decisively,
by constantly greater beings.
 It also helps in struggle to know that you are not alone.  Whoever you are, wherever you are, I believe that if you found this blog, somehow our souls are hanging out and high-fiving.  Whether I ever meet you or not, whether I work with you or not, my soul is made for rooting for those souls who are out there, doing their beautiful work in the world and who, even and especially when they are knocked down and feeling beaten up, just keep coming back at it.  
Bringing our dreams, our visions, to life is what we are made for; this is how we grow, so we might as well do it together and with love (life is MUCH more fun that way! ;).
With love and high-fives, 
If you’re a soulful visionary and whether something is whispering to you that 2015 is the year you finally take that dream inside of you and make it a reality, or whether you’re already well on your way to living your dreams and now you’re looking for world class support on your continued journey, then I’m your coach.  
It’s my vision to be the best coach in the world for soulful visionaries and, beginning in January, I’ll have openings for 4 more clients who want a personal champion for themselves and their dreams, someone who will be by their side every step of the way, from start to finish, for an entire year. Cost is $25,000 for 12 months and includes highly customized, “haute couture” coaching, 3 weekend retreats where you will have VIP treatment, stunning, beautiful experiences designed to restore and empower you in mind, body, and spirit (these will be utterly amazing, on all levels!), 24 scheduled private sessions, a bank of “I need to talk to someone right now!” calls, unlimited email support, plenty of surprises along the way (the very best kind! ;) ) and results you’ve only dreamed of…until now.   If you’d like to set up an appointment to discuss whether this is the right program for you, please email me at leah@leahcb.com.

The Untrained Mind, The Beautiful Mind: You are not your thoughts, You are not your doubts or negativity

Hello, dear readers!

I hope you are having a beautiful Monday!  It’s snowing here in South Bend, so although it seems a little earlier and a tad bit ominous (considering the extreme polar vortex we experienced last year), I’ve done some writing, art, worked with one client today, and now am writing to you as the snow continues to gently fall, so it’s actually kind of cozy…so, onto today’s post!

I told you last week that I have two things to spell out for you this week that are nothing less than life-changing…if you spend some time taking them in and letting reside in your consciousness for awhile.

In the very first post, I quoted the line from A Course In Miracles which states,

“The untrained mind can accomplish nothing.”

One characteristic of the untrained mind is that it believes that we are our thoughts.

The beautiful mind, however, knows this to be true about all humans – that we are a soul and not our thoughts.  The beautiful mind knows this to be true:

You are not your thoughts. 

The beautiful mind knows that we are deathless souls having a human experience and that thoughts are a function of the body we get to experience, but thoughts are not who we really are.

It’s easy to say, harder to do, but if you set your heart and your sights on knowing who you really are, then life will open up and begin to flow.  Things will start to make more sense.

And you can begin to understand who you are by becoming crystal clear on who you are not.  And who you are not is your thoughts.

If you are not sure who you are and if you’re being weighed down more often than not by negativity, I’d suggest beginning by meditating on this:

I am not my thoughts. 

Another way I’ve come to frame this first for myself and then for my clients is as this:

Do not take your doubts and your negativity personally.

Once you reflect upon these two things, inevitably the question will arise:

If I am not my thoughts….then who am I?

I would suggest not “trying” to answer that question, but just asking it, wondering about it, and notice what comes to the surface.  Nothing may come or a thousand things may come.  The point right now is not to find “the answer” but to create and experience the opening that the question evokes, and to just hang out for awhile in that wide open, “don’t know mind” space.

I’ll be back next week to expound on these points, so if you have any thoughts, questions, reactions to these statements, I’d love to hear from you in the meantime in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

Here’s to your beautiful minds and all the beauty they will create in the world!




May Your Life Have Wings – A Brand New Painting!

IMG_8018original painting, Leah Campbell Badertscher, copyright 2014
30×40 acrylic and ink on canvas

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”
-Muhammad Ali

Better brew some fresh coffee or pour a glass of Cabernet (that’d be my choice if I were joining you on this cold, snowy night in South Bend!), because this, my friends, is one heck of a long post…

But, good news! It’s pretty much all pictures!

I didn’t have a chance, just because of the logistics this time, to take this one into a professional photographer, so the photo quality isn’t outstanding (it’s my iPhone), but I hope you get a feel for the painting.

The pictures are of my most recent painting- which I can’t tell you the title of yet because this was a very special commission and I’m afraid that  revealing the title would give it away for the intended recipient (and it’s to be a surprise!).

I can tell you, though, that it was very much an honor to create this one.  And from the very clear, vivid Inspiration that informed it to the way things just seemed to come together in this piece, I was  also grateful for the Guidance and Help in the creation process.

Speaking of commissions, I’ve had more and more inquiries about just how my commission process works, so excuse me while I give you the brief overview.  I paint intuitively, which means I don’t begin with a set idea or outcome in mind.  What I do with commissions is to get a lot of information from you about the intended recipient(s) and the reason you want a painting – for yourself or for someone else.  And then I let all of this steep, I do my ritual and prayer of asking God to let me remember that I am the vessel and not the source, and then I go to work.  Painting is tremendously spiritual, mystical, work for me and so the entire time I’m painting I’m also working to remain open to whatever Inspiration and Guidance arises.   I do try to get a sense for what is needed energetically and translate that into this medium, but I also try to stay out of my head and in a creative flow that is so much more than me.  Woo?  Yes, but that’s really how I do it.

As for the non-woo details, my going rate is currently $2.15 a square inch for paintings with dimensions 12×12 or greater and I ask for half-down at the beginning, the remaining 50% (plus S&H fees – I work HARD to keep those as low as possible!) payable at completion.  So, for example, if you order a 48×48 (which is a stunning, gorgeous size, in my opinion!) the total cost would be $4,953, plus S&H.  A 24×12 = $619. UPDATE: As of January 11, 2015, my commission rate is $2.50/sq inch. XO

If you have any questions whatsoever about a commission, please just send me an email at leah@leahcb.com.  I’d love to hear from you!

Now, on to the photos!  :)






































I look a wee bit dorky in this picture, yes I do.  I was half-dazed from staying up late to complete it and then getting up in the wee hours with a baby with an ear infection!  (not that I’m never dorky when I’m operating at 100% either…;)  But staying up to paint and take care of a baby – really, blessings on both counts. And I am so thrilled with how this one came about and turned out!  I can’t wait to hear what the new owner thinks!!!

I went back and forth about whether to point out certain details and explain symbols and imagery in this painting (and I’d never give anything away that was personal), but in the end, I decided to let your imaginations play with it and create their own stories and meaning.  If something speaks to you, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Let your imaginations loose my friends, and let your lives take flight!

Thank you for reading!

With love,