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Have you visited me at my beautiful, new online gallery?  If not, please come on over and be sure to bookmark so you can check back often and see what’s new!  I have so many exciting, beautiful, powerful things in the works for coming months!

Something that I have been so blessed by in the past year has been several opportunities to do very meaningful commissions.  I am so grateful to everyone who has entrusted me with creating their personal works of art.  Each commission feels like an opportunity to revel in and celebrate in the beauty of the spirit of the person for whom the painting is intended. Here are a couple of my most recently finished commission pieces:

DSC_8504-M copy

Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2015
A very special commission for Dr. Angela Lauria

IMG_9842 IMG_9850

Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2015
Another special commission for another beautiful woman!

Also, if you enjoy my art but are not currently in the market for an original piece, please check out my Society6 Shop for high-quality prints, canvas reproductions, and stationary.  I’ve added new items to the shop this spring, so if you haven’t checked it out in awhile, please do!  


World-class, deeply nourishing, life-changing retreats…


Baker’s Bridge, Durango, Colorado


A retreat I attended with my mastermind and mentor, Tonya Leigh, last year in Durango, Colorado changed my life.  And now I’m returning to Durango at the end of August with my dear friend, author and psychologist Dr. Mollie Marti.  Mollie is a true visionary and a force for healing (Mollie is also the founder of The National Resiliency Institute, which you can learn more about here).  Together we are going to offer our own life-changing retreat experience in which you’ll venture into the wilds of your intuition and reclaim your true nature.  More details will be available soon, but if this is speaking to you and you definitely want in, please email me at and I can send you more details and/or hold your space.


blackberry farm

Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

My own experience has shown me the powerful, creative energy that is available to you when you deeply nourish your spirit.  Last year in particular for me was a leap into discovering more fully who I truly am and what my spirit needed and needs to be healed, nourished, and thrive. This fall I am going to be offering for a retreat based on my personal experiences with the power of diving deep into yourself and discovering places you likely have long forgotten, tapping into your innate creative genius and the divine feminine, and the critical, critical importance of radical self-care.

To me, radical self-care is giving your spirit what it loves and I can think of no better place to do this than Blackberry Farm.  Blackberry Farm is my dream luxury experience – world class dining and accommodations out in the middle of beautiful, breath-taking nowhere with plenty of opportunities to drop into stillness and absorb the healing and awakening powers of nature.

My intention is that this retreat will be a turning point and a catalyst for a certain group of visionary women.  This retreat is being offered to a small group of women who know, in their bones, that they are meant for something big, something great and who are looking for clarity, strength and nourishment for the odyssey ahead, and a community of kindred spirits with whom to form a home base of support and, potentially, life-long friendships.

As with the Durango retreat, more details will be available soon, but if life-expanding luxury+nature+spiritual deep-diving+powerful work in the world is speaking to you and you know you belong in this visionary circle, please email me at and I can send you more details and/or hold your space.

This has been a pretty incredible spring for me and so much has been happening behind the scenes – and so quickly – that I really looking forward to sharing more with you here and in my newsletter in the weeks and months to come.

As always, thank you for being here!

With love,



Love What You Love Friday: As a Wick Does

Hello, my friends,

It has been awhile since I have posted a “Love What You Love Friday,” and because life is shouting at me from twenty different directions, every which way since Sunday, about the importance, importance, IMPORTANCE of desire (aka, loving what you love), I was inspired to (read: really had no choice but to) resume again.

So, without further adieu, here are the gorgeous, veil-piercing words of Rumi on just how to love what you love…and then a suggestion for what you can do with a life that is so well-nourished.

As a Wick Does

There is nourishment like bread
that feeds one part of your life,
nourishment like light for another.

There are many rules about restraint
with the former, but only one rule
for the latter, Never be satisfied.

Eat and drink the soul substance
as a wick does with the oil it soaks in.
Give light to the company.


So, how about you?  If you’d like to share (in the comments below or on my Facebook page), I’d love to hear what the “nourishment that is like light” is for you.

For me it ranges from having stretches of time to myself, long walks in quiet countryside, Pinteresting my fantasy fashion wardrobe, poetry, travel, my first cup of coffee before the house wakes up, sunrises, sunsets, seeing my daughter’s face when I first get her from her crib in the morning (that wispy, wild blonde hair, that ever-so-happy scrunchy smile, she’s like a little pixie!), snuggling with my sons (taking in their perpetually dirty fingernails and trying to drink, drink, drink up the sound of their little boy voices) on the couch to talk, saying something that totally shocks my husband into laughing, swimming in natural waters, when I’m really in the flow of painting, dinners with girlfriends, conversations that go deep and where nothing is off limits, really good champagne and wine, just the most amazingly right pair of shoes, tapping into that place with a client where “now we’re cooking” and it’s one revelation after another and we can both FEEL the very real, amazing shifts as they happen…and on and on…

I also love to keep lists and acknowledge what is nourishment like light for me and love, even more, to add to them.  I’ve found that as I acknowledge more of what I love, my capacity for loving it, my enjoyment of it, increases, and, interestingly, more amazing things seem to come my way.  If you follow me on Instagram you can see me tag many of these things as either #exquisiteeverydays, #extraordinaryexperiences, or just simply #grateful.

One of my favorite (and most powerful) practices is to let my imagination run wild in my journal with dreams and desires.  In fact, I share three of those in my most recent newsletter, which is also about the power of desire and how to harness it in your own life.  If you’d like to grab a copy of this issue and you’re not yet on my list, just submit your email in the sidebar and I’ll send you a copy, stat! :)

So, I hope you have your own exquisite everyday or extraordinary experience to look forward to this weekend, and if not, I hope you’re feeling inspired to create one (or five)!  Please let me know if you do – I will be sure to toast to that!

Have a beautiful weekend!



P.S. In just a couple weeks, my coaching colleague and friend, Susan McCusker and I will be indulging in loving what WE love and launching a class entitled, “The Curated Closet: Live Well, Dress Well.”

This, my friends, is going to the most fun you’ve ever had…not only in your closet, but in coaching…not only in your closet and coaching…but just maybe all year!  Susan and I keep saying as we work on this, “This is so much fun… this is just so much fun…do you think it’s wrong we’re having so much fun???  Nah…this is just going to be awesome, if we do say so ourselves!”

Seriously, it’s that good.  It combines all the pure fun of discovering your personal style, with the satisfying productiveness of getting immediate, visible, significant results, with the sacred, mystical work of…well, I’ll leave that part sacred and mysterious.  It’s about your style and tidying up your space, yes – and it’s about your whole dang life.  You will have fun, you will get results that immediately shift your daily life and will stay with you forever, and you will be learn so many surprising, amazing things about yourself.  Stay tuned, it’s “The Curated Closet: Live Well, Dress Well” and coming soon!  XOXO

Don’t Surrender Your Loneliness So Quickly

I recently received a message from a woman who expressed sadness at being lonely and who also expressed a desire to find a companion.

Loneliness and the desire for a relationship, particularly a romantic/love relationship, are two themes that can come up often with my private clients. I wanted to offer a few thoughts on loneliness that have helped my private clients and, if you are experiencing loneliness or wishing for a relationship, may help you as well.

One thing I’d like to add to what I say in the audio is just to make clear the difference between pure sadness from loneliness (“something missing in my heart” as Hafiz says) and sadness that is created because you believe that the fact you are experiencing loneliness must mean that something has gone wrong and you and your world won’t be right until that something missing is “fixed.”  If you let yourself experience loneliness in it’s pure form, you’ll find it does have a sharp edge to it (“let it cut so deep”) but as you can see from Hafiz’s poem, that is not an indication that something has gone wrong, it is simply the quality of the experience of that ingredient of loneliness.

You’ll find the audio here below.  Please give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below!





Come visit me! (My art has a new online home!)



Hello, friends!

I’m so happy to announce that my new online gallery and studio space,, is now live!

I really wanted a dedicated, beautiful online space for my art and so I’m very excited about this milestone.  My first choice would of course be that I could share my art with you in person, but since that is not often possible (most of you all live so far away!), I wanted to create a space that would give you the next best experience.

I do believe art is an experience and I do believe that my art offers its own unique, special experience.  For those of you who resonate with my paintings, I wanted to create a space that would offer you enough surrounding serenity and stillness that you might be inspired to slow down for a few moments, allow the connection happen, and enjoy the very real benefits that the energy of beauty and meaning of art have to give you.

For those of you who want to bring that energy of beauty and meaning into your home or workspace, it is also very important to me that your experience of purchasing and acquiring an original piece be beautiful and ease-y.  The design of the commerce capabilities of this site were guided by that intention.

Also, after hearing from so many of you that you love the stories behind a painting, I’ve also included some brief descriptions with each painting and will be sharing photos and some journal-like, intimate thoughts on the creative process and specific paintings, too, in “Studio Notes.”

So, I’d love to have you visit me at “my new place” and let me know what you think! If you’d like to be added to my special community and receive the latest updates about new paintings and special offers, you can sign up for my art newsletter at the bottom of the homepage where it asks for your email address.  I have some very, very exciting things coming in the next year and whether you’re onboard because you love art or you’re collecting inspiration for creating your own beautiful adventure through life, I would love to share the best of what I know to be uplifting and inspiring with you through these carefully curated and not-too-frequent emails.

Thank you to all of you who enjoy my art and to those of you who have been so supportive of my ever-unfolding and constantly evolving journey as an artist.  It has been a beautiful, magical, incredible one – and it feels like this is just the beginning.




Learning By Heart to Unleash Your Own Extraordinary Work

The swan


“The Swan” by Ranier Maria Rilke, translated by Robert Bly,
written out by hand by me to hang on my fridge where it can become a very real part of my everyday life and being.

If you want to awaken and cultivate your inner genius, a powerful way to train and align your mind to do this is by identifying a master with whom you feel a strong connection and resonance and then studying their work until you know it by heart.

For instance, if you are working to develop your “voice” as a writer or poet, it would help you tremendously to study closely and learn, by heart, the work of writers and poets you most admire.  The same goes if you are a painter, a coach, a leader, an actor, a parent, or an athlete.

I’ve been learning poems by heart for awhile now as a way of becoming a better poet, but also as a way of becoming a better human being and a better coach.  It’s afforded me a way to learn from some of the greatest masters of all time who I otherwise wouldn’t have access to (often because they’re no longer living!).  

While some people might be concerned that absorbing the work of another might result in imitation and blocking of their own creativity, I have to say that this is only a concern if you are merely memorizing and not operating from a heart/soul level.

Learning by heart, I’d like to point out, is very different from memorizing.

Even though Webster’s Dictionary includes “learn by heart” in its definition of “memorize” I think there is an important distinction to make.

You can memorize something (i.e., remember it perfectly) but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve learned it by heart.

When you learn something by heart, you commit it to memory so that, yes, you remember it perfectly.  You learn it so well that you can reproduce it with a high degree of accuracy and barest amount of effort or second thought.  

Also, when you learn something by heart, something more, something spiritual happens.  You take it in, it rearranges the very cells of your being so that your being in the world is more aligned with clarity so that the way you are being in the world changes.

Once you learn something by heart, you are never, ever the same.  But you are more the real you than you have ever been.

That part of you that has always been most strongly YOU becomes more pronounced.  You feel that part of you that already knew the truth that Rilke’s poem, for instance, revealed.  That is the awakening part – the truth that another channeled with their work touches the part of you that is eternally connected to truth and clarity and inspiration, wakes it up, and it fans the flames of your inherent, inner genius – that part of you that is always connected to truth.

And the more your being is familiar with the truth/voice of another, like a Rilke, the more you could read a new poem without seeing who it is by but recognize it as “Rilke” or in the “spirit of Rilke,” then the more you are also able to sense that you must have a voice, your own distinct one-in-all-of-creation way of channeling truth and source, and there is no limit for the need of this kind of extraordinary work in the world.  

Suggested practice:

Choose someone who is a master in the field in which you are playing.  Be creative and find ways in which you can learn their particular work by heart – whether it is their trademark jumpshot, golf swing, work with color, or the way they master a stanza break.  Take it into your being, memorize it, then learn it by heart so that the reproduction of it is effortless, thoughtless.  In this way it will marinate with what is already latent within you and what is released from then on will be something that is unique to you.




HEY THERE, FABULOUS! WHY NOT YOU?! : A guided tour to an original work of art

Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2015
30×40 original, acrylic on canvas
$2,700 + S&H


“We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”
Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

This piece is about letting yourself be who you really are and letting yourself be seen.

The inspiration for this piece came last year after I realized I had this long list of qualities I deeply admired in other people – passion, playfulness, exuberance, boldness, sensuality, and a “larger than life-ness” – but that I wouldn’t let myself go there because “that just wasn’t me.”

Then one day I just asked myself, “Why can’t that be me? Says who?” So all those things I mentioned above that I told myself I was not? I went there in life, in painting, and especially with this painting.

This painting is for you if you too believe in holding nothing back and playing big. This painting will be a constant reminder that it is you, always you, who is the one meant to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous.

Special Features Guide To HEY THERE, FABULOUS!:

All of my paintings have special symbolism, sometimes words and phrases, some images hidden in plain sight, and other gems that can make the painting come to life if you know what to look for. Here are three examples of special features in this painting that will help you better enjoy the painting and feel more confident and savvy about why you might be drawn to this particular piece of art:

FIRST: The Woman

Can spot the woman hidden in plain sight? (I love me a good metaphor!)


The following message is etched into the sun in the upper left corner: You shine brighter than a thousand suns.

THIRD: Use of Shape

I believe lines convey motion which convey emotion. I used a lot of curvy, rounded shapes in an overall pattern that is also very sweeping and curvy. To me this conveys sensuality and femininity. And when I take those shapes and create them using thick lines, large shapes, and vibrant colors, this creates a boldness, a strength, an unapologetic nature about that sensuality and femininity.

To acquire this piece, please email me at



suns closeup

With green added, HEY THERE FABULOUS

SHE RISING: A guided tour of an original work of art


Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2014, All Rights Reserved
40×40 original, acrylic on canvas
Available: $10,000

This painting is about the divine feminine and the modern feminist, a phenomenon and a movement that I call SHE RISING.

The original inspiration for this piece was sparked by an incident several years ago that occurred while I was riding my bike on a lonely stretch of Iowa highway.  I hadn’t seen another soul for twenty miles, but suddenly a voice, one that seemed to come from right above my left shoulder, spoke one strong, clear word:  SHE.

Fast-forward to almost two years ago when I began working on this piece, and I began to realize that that message “SHE” is strongly related to the ways I’ve  witnessed so many women waking up and remembering who they really are: divine and powerful.

This piece is like a mirror; it will reflect back to you who you really are, even when you’re tempted to forget and give into playing small.  Bringing this painting into your space declares, to you and to the world, who you really are: divine, powerful, and rising.

Special Features Guide to the SHE RISING:

All of my paintings have special symbolism, sometimes words and phrases, some images hidden in plain sight, and other gems that can make the painting come to life if you know what to look for. This particular painting is especially brimming with wild and gorgeous treasures like this!  Here are three examples of the special features about this painting that will help you better enjoy the painting and feel more confident and savvy about why you might be drawn to this particular piece of art:

FIRST: The Figure
I’m sure you’ve noticed the woman that is the central figure in this piece, but did you also notice she has a wing on her left?  Whether you decide this means SHE is an angel, or a woman who has remembered her ability to fly…or both…is up to you.

Another possible interpretation for the figure and the painting is that she represents Mother Earth, and yet also represents our special ability as women to be stewards and guardians of the Earth.

SECOND: Her Pose
The way we hold our bodies communicates incredible information – and so I am fascinated with how to convey this through the gestures and poses of figures I paint.  Notice in this painting her strong, upright stance, outstretched wing, and arm raised.  There is no doubt or apology here – it’s a poise of self-knowing and power.  She is rising.

Notice also that she is facing East – and towards colors that suggest sunrise.

THIRD: The Words
Words are a very powerful presence in this particular painting.  You can see where I wrote “She” on the upper left quadrant, near her outstretched arm.
Here are some other phrases that I used in this painting, some of which are still visible:

SHE will move mountains
SHE will change the world
SHE is rising


If you can also spot the Tree of Life, the Phoenix, and identify Metatron’s Cube!

To acquire this piece, please email me at




SECRET GARDEN: An original painting and her story

Secret Garden 1
“Secret Garden”
Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2015
12×36 original acrylic on canvas
$950 + S&H
This painting is only available in the original
(i.e., no reproductions will be made).

“Every woman should have a secret garden,” was a beautiful piece of wisdom that a mentor once shared with me.  These words have inspired my life and also helped inspire this piece.
This painting is about the mystery and effortlessly beautiful energy of a woman who is connected to and cares for her secret garden.
I created this piece to draw you out of your mind and what you “think” it means to have a secret garden. I created this piece because rather than have you just think about it, I wanted to put you squarely in an felt and known experience of being someone who enjoys a robust connection to her beauty, dreams, passions, and her own unique understanding of what it means to be a woman.
This piece is for you if you are one of those women who is determined to step out of the uninspired “should’s” and confining norms of what mainstream society expects from women. This piece is for you if you want your life, including how adorn the walls that surround you everyday, to be an embodiment of what it really means to you to be a woman – untamed, beautiful, and always a little mysterious.  
 Special Features Guide to “Secret Garden”:
All of my paintings have special symbolism, sometimes words and phrases, some images hidden in plain sight, and other gems that can make the painting come to life if you know what to look for. Here are four special features about this painting that will help you better enjoy the painting and feel more confident and savvy about why you might be drawn to a particular piece of art:
FIRST: The Figures
You may have already noticed that there are two figures in this painting, or do the two together make a third? Does this mean literally three different people, or three in one? Or is this not meant to be literal at all, but rather a gesture at the multitude of different dimensions we women, as rich and deep beings, all possess? You get to decide….
SECOND: Lines Convey Movement, Motion Conveys Emotion

Notice the lines in this painting. To me, the shape of the line conveys motion which conveys emotion. Notice how in this painting, which I’ve said above is very feminine, there is scarcely a hard, straight line to be found. Rather, from the shape of the woman/women to the shapes of the leaves and other marks within the figures, the lines are predominantly flowing and curvy.
Here’s an exercise you can do on your own. Get a piece of paper and draw a bunch of hard, straight lines. Now draw a bunch of curvy. Notice which one, to you, feels more masculine and which feels more feminine?
THIRD: Bird in Flight
Notice the flying bird beneath the breast of one of the figures? Take that in.
Now, imagine a tattoo of a bird in flight at that very same place on your own body. Notice what that feels like, what that evokes for you, how it changes your physical and emotional state in an instant to imagine that. What you felt was the life of this painting connecting to your life and dancing with you.
FOURTH: Hidden words
Although the words I inscribed into this painting didn’t show through in the final layer, the energy of them remains. Here are some of the words I used to inspire and focus myself while I created this piece:

SHE matters


To claim this original as your very own, please email me at

secret garden 3


secret garden 2

Easy on the Eyes: An original painting and her story

Easy on the eyes 2

“Easy on the Eyes”

Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2015
original, 24×36 acrylic on canvas

This painting will be available only as this sole original
(no reproductions will be made)
$850 + $25 S&H

“Saints have no moderation, nor do poets, just exuberance.”
-Anne Sexton

I tell you what my friends, it is the dead of winter here in South Bend and my heart and soul are so craving warmth, color and EXUBERANCE.  So, necessity being the mother of invention and me being an artist and all…


easy on the eyes, 2

Here you have it, EXUBERANT art!
If you have an exuberant soul, why settle for moderation on your walls?  This painting will express your spirit and bring beauty and color that’s easy on your eyes into your everyday life!
Special Features Guide to “Easy on the Eyes”:

Here are a few notes about this painting that will help you better enjoy the painting and better understand why you might be drawn to this particular piece of art:

Everything is energy and with my art, I love to play with colors, lines, relationship, and the textures, to create a certain energy.  I layered and juxtaposed until the result was an energy that felt like big, exuberant spirit and was also easy on the eyes.

Please email me at to to acquire this piece.

Yours in Exuberance and Love,


Close-ups below…






EPIC: My latest coaching offering

the long road home“The Road Home”
my own photo, 2014

Hello, dear readers!
Some of you are already aware of this, but for those who are not and have been inquiring about coaching, I am very excited to share with you here on the blog my new coaching program for 2015…


“If you bring out that which is within you, it will save you.  If you do not, it will destroy you.”
-The Gnostic Gospels of Thomas
I’m living what I love, pushing the envelope, and creating a deeply fulfilling and wildly beautiful, rare life…and I want the same for you.
Maybe in the past you’ve given your dreams everything you thought you had and it didn’t pan out.  Maybe you’re reconsidering your dreams and thinking about hanging it up and just resigning yourself to a “normal” life…
Before you do that, please reconsider… it’s likely that if you’re reading this, deep inside you know you are meant for something more, something greater.  Whatever you do, don’t give up on that.  Whatever you do, don’t give up on you.
Maybe you do think you’ve tried everything.  I used to think that, too.  But the truth was, I was holding back from trying certain things because I didn’t think I’d “earned the right” to give myself those things yet.
What were those things for me?
They ranged from art supplies, to painting classes, to a life-changing retreat, to a vacation, to childcare support, to an afternoon off to go for a run and do whatever I wanted, to world travel, to a community of like-minded and kindred-spirited women, to a dreamy dress in the window of a Parisian boutique, to hiring someone to create a stunning online art gallery to showcase my art (which is coming soon- by the end of February!), to life coaching support for myself.
These have been just some of my heart’s desires that at some point I initially denied myself because I was playing the “I haven’t earned it yet” story like a broken record…which was why I was getting broken record- like results!”
I also was stuck because if I couldn’t see an immediate, rational, linear connection as to why they’d help make my dreams come true, then I had a hard time justifying the decision to give it to myself.
I began to change these patterns little by little – and made slow and steady progress.
And then last year I had a profound shift and experienced profoundly different results and at a much accelerated rate. What changed last year was that I made a promise to myself (it was my year of NO WAITING, a dramatically life-changing concept which I’ll write about sometime soon!) to listen to my heart, to my intuition, and work to follow it impeccably.  So, whether it was a high-level mastermind or that breathtakingly elegant dress or walk around the lake even when I had tons of work to do, if I checked in with my heart and it leapt with a joyful “yes!,” then I followed it.
As I alluded to before, the results that have occurred since shifting from a “wait until you’ve earned it” approach to “NO WAITING” have been nothing short of magical and dramatic.
And I tell you all of this to say because I KNOW what it feels like to feel beaten down, exhausted, all alone and on the brink of despair, ready to give up. I’m here to say, DON’T STOP. KEEP GOING.
Just when you think you’ve done EVERYTHING to follow your dream and you’re at the point of giving up, do a hard reality check.  Check in with your heart and ask yourself this – is it absolutely true that you’ve given your heart and soul everything they’ve told you they needs to help you live the life you are meant to live?
I’d ask you to especially look for places in your journey where you haven’t invested in the right kind of support, maybe because you think that’s a luxury investment for the day when you’ve finally “made it.”
I ask that because I know that roadblock all too well!  It’s a catch-22 and it kept me stuck and struggling for years.  The very thing you think you’ll invest in when you’ve achieved your dream is the very thing that will help propel you towards it – and with a lot less struggle and suffering!
So, ask yourself – have you invested in yourself and your dream (and what better to put your money on than YOU, right?!) by taking the training you need to take, hiring the right coach or mentor for you, and giving yourself all the proper resources, or have you just been pursuing your dream while trying to scrap things together for now, intending that you’ll just “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”?
I totally get that and I admire that.  I did that myself for years.  I believed, “No one else is going to do this for me” and I thought of myself as pursuing the American dream while embodying the American ideal of “rugged individualism.”  I would not and did not ask for help.
And on so many of my big dreams, I could get myself to about 80% and then was stuck.  I just couldn’t break through and make it all the way, even though, on the inside, I had this overwhelming feeling that I had everything it takes to reach my dreams.
I did grow, make progress, and I even got really, really good at some things, but for the life of me I couldn’t seem to break through to “extraordinary,” – even though I felt, deep inside of me, that that was absolutely possible for me. That it was my truth and so it pained me to not be able to figure out how to match up the outside with the inside.
So then I began to doubt those “deep-inside” beliefs and dreams.  This threw me off for years and threw me into some dark places, including depression.
Eventually, I surrendered and learned that while the great American dream is still entirely alive and possible, this idea of doing it all own your own is a dangerous myth, and the one thing that I see standing in the way of so many great individuals who have the potential to become truly extraordinary and enjoy happy, fulfilling, prosperous lives.
Once I got wise to this and began to invest in myself through coaching, retreats, and masterminds, it was like jet fuel for my growth and success.  Places where I’d thrashed and struggled for years, YEARS, I was now having break through after break through in all areas – health, fitness/wellness, financial, creative (my art and writing), relationship, my career, and also just my general sense of happiness, joy, peace, and fulfillment deepened and become so much stronger.
So much of this I owe to the work I did via coaching. The two greatest gifts I’ve received from investing in coaching was, first,  the experience of being seen, not for my current circumstances, but for who I really am.  The second was the experience of someone else believing in me and my dreams so much that they were unwilling to let me give up on myself or my dreams. In fact, I hired them for that specific purpose – don’t let me give up on myself and eventually, I learn how to do that for myself.
That did in fact happen.  I learned to see myself, know and own my value, and follow through on my dreams.
As it turns out, having this experience being coached was excellent training for the work I do now.  In the work I do now, I see my clients at their highest potential and I hold that vision steady.  I reflect that back to them so they can see it.  And I never, ever, ever let that vision waver and I never let my clients quit on their dreams.  I believe that if I do this, they will grow in the ways in which they need to grow for that highest version of themselves, that vision that I’ve been holding, to become solid, physical reality.
In other words, my particular gift as a coach is being able to see into your soul of a person and to see who you truly are, and then to help you align your life, from the inside-out, so that the beauty, power, and majesty of their soul is reflected in their everyday life and in greater contributions they are here to make.  I know that once you remember who you really are, once you really get a taste of that, that all matter of previously dormant energy and gifts inside yourself are unleashed and you’re able to take inspired action and create the abundance, freedom, peace, and happiness which has before seemed mysterious and elusive.
My EPIC coaching program is based on over decade’s worth of following my dreams and along the way investing mightily in learning what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to taking those castles you’ve built in the air and now making them real, here on Earth. I asked myself, “After everything I’ve experienced and learned, what would be my dream coaching program to enroll in as a client?” I created EPIC as an answer to that question
EPIC is a 12 month engagement and includes highly customized, “haute couture” coaching, 2 weekend retreats where you will have VIP treatment and stunning, beautiful experiences designed to restore and empower you in mind, body, and spirit (these will be utterly amazing, on all levels!), 24 scheduled private sessions, a bank of “I need to talk to someone right now!” calls (i.e., you have me on speed dial), unlimited email/text support, plenty of beautiful, soul-filling surprises along the way and results you’ve only dreamed of…until now.
Investment: $25,000
I currently have two openings for EPIC clients. EPIC isn’t meant for everyone, but if you think one of these two spots is meant for you,  please email me at and we’ll set up a time to talk.